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Police asking for public's help in 3 year old cold case


Police in Granite Falls are marking the third anniversary of the shooting death of Tony Lee Myers as a call for help from the public for information.

On Dec. 28, 2009, Tony Lee Myers was murdered inside the Granite Gun and Pawn Shop, located at 90 S. Main Street, Granite Falls. During the murder numerous firearms were stolen from inside the pawn shop, according to the release from the police department.

As previously reported, numerous witnesses observed a young white male inside the pawn shop prior to the crime and also a similar individual running from the crime scene.  As a result of the eyewitness account of the young white male, a sketch was produced to assist in the identification of the person of interest.  After the release of the sketch, the subject may have altered his appearance in some form.  Investigators remind the public this crime was committed three days after Christmas which could serve as a break or time-off for students and some workers. 

In January 2011, some of the firearms that were stolen during the crime were found discarded along US Highway 321 in Granite Falls.  The person who discarded the firearms had altered the weapons which indicate he frequently fired the weapons and had an above average skill set with firearms.

Recently, investigators traveled to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Quantico, Virginia, and presented the case facts to elite members of the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU). 

The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) assists law enforcement entities with behavioral based assessments of offenders and study characteristics that may identify a potential suspect.

As a result of a request made by the Granite Falls Police Department, the FBI has joined the Granite Falls Police Department, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, and the ATF in a combined effort to identify the offender responsible for this crime.

We are releasing a few of the initial points of our analysis, in order to make the public aware of the type of individual we believe is responsible for committing this crime.  We believe this subject engaged in recognizable behaviors and activities during and around the commission of his crime.  He possesses certain traits and characteristics that are noted by those around him.

• He is able to focus on outcomes he wants to achieve; some might consider him "mission-oriented."   Despite these talents, there are certain flaws in his personality, noted by those who know him well.

• Problematic aspects of his personality will likely have caused him problems with authority figures, and issues with employment, schooling and relationships.  Some may think he has not lived up to his potential.

Around and after the time of the crime, others may have noticed him engaging in certain behaviors and activities.

• His skills and choice of weapons suggest some type of familiarity and training with them.  He may be self-taught with weapons (i.e., through videos/magazines).  He has likely practiced a great deal with these weapons and those around him will note his abilities and interest in them.  In the days and weeks prior to the crime, he may have increased his practice with weapons. 

• He may have changed his appearance after the crime, such as cutting or shaving his hair.

• He may have displayed uncharacteristic behavior, such as being silent and quiet about the crime when others would have expected him to be interested.  Conversely, he may also display an uncharacteristic fascination in the news of the crime.  The key point is that the stress of this event may cause him to behave differently from his norm.

We ask the public to carefully consider the information provided above and consider whether or not they may know this offender or have noted behaviors or activities suggestive of involvement in this crime.

Anyone having information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact the Granite Falls Police Department at (828) 396-3358, or mail information anonymously to 5 Falls Avenue, Granite Falls N.C. 28630.  Information can also be emailed to www.granitefallspolicenc.us

A $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest is being offered.

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