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Center City Charlotte Welcomes Belk Bowl Fans


Painting the town red is taking on a different meaning in Center City Charlotte.

We're talking about Cincinnati Bear Cat Red, but for Belk Bowl fans in their home state boosters of Duke Blue are hoping to make just as strong of a statement.

When it comes Duke and bowl games, it is a story of heartbreak considering there's been a dry spell.
Bob Harris has been the play by play voice of the Duke Blue Devils for the last 37 years.

He calls the teams last victory in a bowl game. "The cotton bowl in 1961, when Duke  beat Arkansas with the great Lance Alworth."

While Charlotte is a banking town, bucks and business tend to slowdown between Christmas and News Years.

New game day traffic in Center City offers a late December bump. Moria Quinn is a vice president with Center City Partners. "It happens at time when traditionally there is nothing going on,"she said.  "The businesses are shut down. The businesses are very slow. When you think it between Christmas and New Years, there's nothing going on."

Fanfest clearly demonstrates that plenty of free entertainment can be found on the streets of Charlotte.

While many wear their feelings and loyalty on their sleeves, school spirit can be found right on their faces.

Austin Everett is Cincinnati who painted his face with the school colors. "We're red and black. They're Blue and White. No, no, no. Red and Black all day," he said.

Prior to the game nearly 50 thousand tickets were sold, but there were a number of cancellations, because of snow in the Midwest that hampered some from making the trip.

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