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Garbage still overflowing at Gastonia apt. complex, owner hard to track down


Beaver Brook Apartments on Sims Circle is full of overflowing dumpsters. A resident called WBTV for help after watching trash pile up for three weeks.

"I just want it picked up," said Barbara Velasquez. "It's nasty."

Velasquez says she's lived at Beaver Brook for five years, and this isn't the first time several weeks have gone by with no trash pick-up.

Waste Management told WBTV Beaver Brook didn't pay its trash bill. Trash and water are supposed to be included in the residents' rent.

"It stinks. It's disgusting," said Velasquez, who tried to describe the potent combination of seasonal scents coming from the dumpsters.

"Turkey. Ham. Christmas. Come on. Diapers. It's out there. It''s nasty," said Velasquez.

She says the mess is attracting rats and possums. One of neighbors had a scare while taking out the trash the other day.

"He went to go empty his trash and said a possum jumped out the trash can," said Velasquez.

WBTV approached the property manager, who admitted the trash bill wasn't paid on time. He said the trash would be picked up next Wednesday, but when asked if the bill had been paid yet, he said no.

Great Circle Properties owns Beaver Brook. Calls to the company were not answered Thursday or Friday, and there was no way to leave a voicemail. On Friday, WBTV stopped by the Charlotte office location. No one was there, and mail was piling up outside the door. A visit to the address of the listed agent for the property was also unsuccessful.

WBTV did some digging on the North Carolina Secretary of State website and discovered Great Circle was dissolved in 2010 for failing to file annual reports.

It was reinstated a few weeks later.

Now, according to state records, Great Circle is back in the same boat. The company was just notified last week that it will be dissolved again if it does not file its last two annual reports.

The company has 60 days to comply.

Beaver Brook is also facing action from the city of Gastonia office of code enforcement. A code enforcement officer told WBTV the trash must be cleaned up by Jan. 16 or the city will hire a contractor to clean it up, and Beaver Brook will have to pay for the expense.

Beaver Brook Apartments has been cited by code enforcement 32 times since 2009. Violations include sewage leaks, broken heating units, missing smoke detectors, broken windows, bugs, and leaky plumbing on the second floor that caused damage to the first floor.

WBTV will continue to search for the owner and managers of Great Circle Properties to get to the bottom of the situation.

Stay with for updates on this developing story.

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