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Family of Jasmine Thar will hold rally in her honor

The family of a Charlotte teen shot to death one year ago, says they will hold a civil rights march in her honor. Jasmine Thar, 16, was shot to death last December, and two days after Christmas this year, no charges have been filed.

"There's never a day that goes by where we don't talk about Jasmine," said her grandmother Adeline Williams.

Thar was shot to death in Chadbourn, NC in December 2011. No one was charged with the crime, because police said the shooting was accidental. Thar's family has always thought different.

"We would like to know what is going on. We need an answer," Williams said.

Police say the man who shot Thar, James Blackwell, was not charged because the shooting was considered accidental.

Thar was visiting family in Chadbourn, and was standing outside a home, when police say a single bullet fired through a bedroom window across the street and hit Thar.

Blackwell told police he was cleaning his gun.

"I heard my granddaughter is dead and at first I thought it was a joke, but it was not. It was reality," Williams said.

Williams has teamed up with civil rights activist John Barnett to plan a rally in Chadbourn in Jasmine's honor.

They will hold the rally at the end of February or early March. They will hold a similar rally in Charlotte on January 26th. Barnett has yet to name the place for the January rally.

"This case was planned and plotted and no one went to jail. And I think it's important we get some type of justice," Barnett said.

WBTV reached out to Columbus County District Attorney John David, but did not hear back. WBTV was unable to get in contact with James Blackwell for comment.

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