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Tips for avoiding gift return hassles


No matter how carefully you shop for the perfect gift, occasionally it simply doesn't meet the recipient's desires or needs.

Before you head back to the stores, here are some ways to minimize the hassle of post-holiday returns.

If you plan to return items, you'll want to have a receipt to avoid a long wait at register lines.

"Sometimes we can look it up depending on the method of payment but we ask for the receipt," said Shawntay Robinson with Best Buy.

"It makes things a little but smoother."

Keep stickers, labels and tags intact.

Some stores will take open items.

"Bring the complete packaging it can be open make sure you have all the contents in the box," said Robinson.

Most retailers list the terms of their return policy on your receipt.

And if that still doesn't make it clear, ask someone in the store when you checkout.

Maybe you don't have any returns or exchanges to make but you have a gift card or cash to burn.

Lots of "after Christmas" sales start today.

You'll get a lot of bang for your gift card buck along with crowded stores.

"It gets pretty busy I would say maybe a 15 to 20 minute wait in line," said Robinson.

But unless you like long lines don't make the return on the day after Christmas.

"It would be better to wait a couple days maybe towards the weekend," said Robinson.

When returning a gift, keep in mind that some stores will charge a restocking fee and in the case of some electronics a repackaging fee.

Also some retailers will allow merchandise purchased online to be returned or exchanged in their stores.

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