ALERT: Severe storm threat today

Hello! Hope you're coming off a great Christmas holiday! Today is December 26. This is Christine Nelson checking in with you. Here is a quick look at what we're talking about this morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

Weather ALERT: Today is the day you want to stay connected to WBTV. There is a severe weather threat that our meteorologists are paying close attention to right now. We could be seeing some bad weather through the morning anything from rain, possible flooding or even more severe. It's still a fluid situation so things are changing by the hour. Meteorologist Ashley Batey is here putting the final touches on the weather forecast. Stay with us for the most reliable reports.

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That weather system is being blamed for at least two deaths and spawned multiple tornadoes. We have video in-house of the damage those tornadoes caused in Mobile, Ala. We'll show it to you on the air.

One year ago a south Charlotte teen was killed by a stray bullet and to date there is still no arrests in the case. We have details on what Jasmine Thar's family is trying to make happen so their loved one can get justice.

Also, are you hitting the mall today to make returns or exchanges? We have one word of advice for you: WAIT! WBTV's Astrid Martinez is live in the studio to explain.

So much going on so I have to go!

See you on the air!