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Working Christmas Day

In some professions, the word holiday doesn't exist. Hospitals are always staffed. Paramedics and ambulances don't stop. Emergency response does not take a day off. But there are other places that are open on the holiday even though they don't have to.

"It's okay. I like it. I have fun with the people" says Jimmy Kakavitsas of Skyland Family Restaurant. "Everything is closed. We've been here forever. People know. They depend on us to be open today".

The restaurant, which operates 24 hours a day has been open 20 years and every year on Christmas Day, was crowded today. Kakavitsas says he's not surprised customers packed in. "People get tired to stay home all day so they come out". He says he opens on holidays "for my customers convenience.  And I need to work".

Meanwhile shoppers apparently needed more time.

Chris Core at Walgreens showed up to work Christmas Morning. "Busy. All day. Since 6am I've been here we've been pretty busy".

The shift leader says customers are buying "a little bit of all. Last minute gifts, tissues, you name it".

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