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"Angel girl" turns 19 on Christmas day

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On this Christmas day, Chelsea Banton turns 19.

It's another milestone in a life that almost ended nearly four years ago.

"Chelsea's not a medical book person, she's not the typical medical textbook, this is Chelsea's story," said Colleen Banton, her mother.

Her story goes like this.

Chelsea, who struggles with chronic health problems, was in the hospital for double pneumonia.

Doctor's said her chances of survival were slim.

And so her mother Colleen made the difficult decision to take her off of life support.

"They wanted to do more extensive procedures to her and I said no, she's been through a lot and she has been all her life and I said lets just see what happens," said Colleen.

But before she could be removed from the ventilator, an image appeared on the hospital's security monitor.

The image, in the shape of an angel, appeared at the entrance doors to where Chelsea was staying.

Doctors were stunned.

"They called me in there and when I saw it, I said it has to be an angel because you could see the wings, you could see the whole outline," said Banton.

Chelsea survived and her Christmas miracle captured the hearts of Americans nationwide.

People sent emails and letters wishing her well. Today, she's still a star.

"I still get people stopping us when we are out in the malls, when we are out eating or something and they ask us is this the angel girl, how is she doing, what's going on? Other people say was it really an angel? Do you believe it was? And I say yes, I do because she wouldn't be here," said Colleen.

Colleen says Chelsea continued to improve. Only recently was she hospitalized for another serious health condition.

But once again, she survived and beat the odds.

Colleen believes it's all thanks to a very special visit four years ago.

"There are still miracles that happen every day and God is a healing God," said Colleen.

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