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Soupy day in the mountains, snow and high winds next?


A wet and foggy day across the North Carolina Mountains on Monday may just be the prelude to some rough weather say forecasters.

A front moving through the area as early as Christmas night could bring heavy rain, then snow and high winds in the mountains along with it.

"People need to be prepared," said Blowing Rock Police shift supervisor Daniel White. People have been put on standby in his department, he said, though the hope is that no one will need to be called in until after Christmas Day.

"We need some snow here," said Bob Diener who is visiting from Westchester, New York.

He was among hundreds who were doing some last minute shopping in the downtown area of Blowing Rock.

Most said they were wanting to see some snow on their trip to the high country, and are hoping forecaster's predictions of snow come true.

"I would love to see some on Christmas Day," said Raymond Newman of Charleston. "Lot's of it."

The other side of the situation is what happened during severe weather that hit the high country last week.

Thousands of people lost power because of fallen trees and branches. Debris could still be seen in many areas. Crews are expected to be out after the holidays to clean it all up.

Power was restored to everyone before the weekend was over. Both power crews and road crews say if needed, they will be working, even on Christmas Day.

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