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Sweepstakes Owner Getting Ready to Follow Order of State Courts

Before the plugs are pulled on any gambling machines, Eric Sigmon wants people to hear his side of the story.

"My payroll will probably exceed this year somewhere in excess of 400 thousand dollars," Sigmon said. "I pay approximately 180 thousand dollars a year in rent alone."

He is the owner and operator of Top Dawg in North Charlotte, and says what he brings to the table helps to stimulate the local economy.

The fight over sweepstakes gambling was launched in the North Carolina legislature and last Friday the state supreme court ruled that the games must be shut down, and in places like Union County deputies are getting their marching orders to enforce the court's decision.

Captain Robert Whitaker says the sheriff's office isn't wasting any time.

"If they spot any of these locations, they  are to take action at the time they locate them. "

Players we found like John McNease call it a recreational past time.

He said, "it's entertainment for me. I don't have to drive to Atlantic City."

Sigmon says let the people not politicians decide, and that gambling would win in a public referendum.

"I pay payroll taxes. We do workers comp. We do everything just as it should be done,"Sigmon said." Give us a shot. If they give us a shot, we will win. They will lose."

It may be a business that's now living on borrowed time.

Once the court's ruling is in place, Sigmon isn't expecting to stay open past the first week of the New Year, but in the remaining days he extending an open invitation to state lawmakers.

"I have nothing to hide. They're more than welcome to come here and see what it is we do."

Sigmon plans to close his doors on or about January Third to comply with the court state ruling. He says 18 people will be handed pink slips.

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