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Local Couple Offer Video Tribute To Sandy Hook Victims


Images of innocence offer the reminders of how short life can be, and days after the Connecticut school shooting, a new video tribute was posted on You Tube.

It is called Angel, and honors  the victim's of Sandy Hook School.

Assembling graphics, words and photos became an obsession for Belinda Harris.

"We just hope that it provides people with a little bit of comfort to know that these children are now angels and they are looking down upon all of us," she said.

The moving melody is creation of Belinda's brother Charlotte Musician Rodney Shelton.

Shelton said, "This song Angel it touched so many people in terms of if you lost a child. This song definitely relates to that and makes you think about that child.

The words and sounds were tucked away in his music vault from a previous studio project, and when the nation became emotionally paralyzed the brother and sister team channeled their talents.

"When I see the video linked to those kids faces. I feel a connection to those kids and I feel so sad and so sorry," he said.

While the violence challenged Belinda creatively, It also touched her as mother who couldn't wait to see her son Markel hours after the shooting.

"I hugged him like I have never hugged him before, "She said." I was so happy to see him. I met him at the bus stop. I don't do that normally."

The students were called angels, and  the adults who died that die are being remembered as heroes."

The song which is titled Angel, A tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.

It has gotten more than a thousand hits on You Tube.

You can also find it on I Tunes and the proceeds will benefit the Sandy Hook School Support fund set up by the United Way of Connecticut.

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