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Man hands over assault rifle as "symbolic gesture" after Sandy Hook shooting


The National Rifle Association said more security is the solution to school violence during a press conference Friday.

The NRA held the much-anticipated news conference to respond to the tragedy in Connecticut and the renewed debate about gun control.

Protesters interrupted top NRA lobbyist Wayne LaPierre several times.

But his message was clear.

He says only one thing will stop an evil person with a gun and it's not more gun control laws

LaPierre also says there is no evidence gun control laws protect anyone.

But President Obama has appointed Vice President Joe Biden to look into the issue of gun control

People on both sides of the debate are passionate about the issue of gun control. And the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has had two distinct reactions. We've seen a surge in gun sales in Charlotte and across the nation. But at the same time, some lifelong gun owners have decided it's time to turn in their weapons.

Carl Rosen calls it a "symbolic gesture" to give up his assault rifle. He got the gun from a childhood friend 14 years ago. He says he knows there will be some people who disagree with his choice, but he also hopes it will inspire a few more people ask themselves if they really need a gun like this and maybe decide to give it up too.

"I thought I'd be safer if I bought a weapon like that," Rosen said. Over the years that thought changed. And then the shooting at Sandy Hook happened - - the shooter used a gun similar to Rosen's AK.

"Nothing can be done for the victims of that tragedy but I feel that I have a chance to take one assault rifle out of circulation forever," Rosen said.

Rosen says he no longer feels he needs the 30 round clips and the Romanian wood carved stock. He also feels no one needs such a high powered weapon expect the military or police.

Rosen's wife Freda is also glad to see the gun go.

"It doesn't really matter how many good people there are in the world own a weapon...nobody can be everywhere at all times and know what's in the mind of somebody whose intent it is to hurt another person," Freda Rosen said.

Asked what the couple thought about the NRA's recent announcement of wanting armed security at all the nation's schools, "I think that method is already being used to some extent but I think Carl said it pretty well someone who is motivated to do harm is going to do that anyway," Freda told WBTV.

"I think we need to come up with other preventative measures...more education..make it more difficult to obtain weapons such as this..maybe we might not need that intense security," Carl Rosen said.

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