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Green gifts for Christmas


The Christmas season is just around the corner and most people have already started stocking up on gifts for their friends and families.

This year why not add a unique and personal touch to your holiday giving.

Gifting plants is a neat idea and can cue an interest or spark an old hobby.

"Bonsai plants are great," said Brad Miller a tree and shrub specialist. 

"It takes a little bit more care but the artistry of it, the hands on playing with it pruning it and wiring it is fun."

Plants are perfect to add a green touch to your home or decorate your Christmas dinner table.

"Our signatures are the orchids so a lot of people enjoy doing those in their arrangements," said Miller who works at Campbell Greenhouse in Charlotte. 

"They'll bring their own bowls in and we'll dress them up put other poinsettias."

Not only do plants make wonderful gifts for the holidays, they can be enjoyed during this time as well as year round.

"Orchids themselves can last up to four months to six months if their happy in the right," said Miller.

"Of course poinsettias are always popular amaryllis and paper whites."

And children can also enjoy plants.

"Venus flytraps our carnivorous plants our pitcher plants, things like that are neat and fun," said Miller.

Then you have your more novelty items.

"If you drink tea, a tea plant can be a really cool gift," said Miller.

Whichever you choose you can bet they bring a bit of sunshine into the home during the drab winter months.

Recycle Works suggests that the U.S. reportedly generates four million tons of trash from gift wrapping and shopping bags annually.

So think of all the wrapping paper you will be saving by gifting a plant and going green.

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