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"Gifts for Guns"


If you've got a gun, New Life Fellowship wants you to turn it in.

Tonight is the start of the 6th Annual Gun Drive at the New Life Fellowship Center at 1337 Samuel Street in Charlotte.

Pastor John P. Kee says "it's getting pretty bad on our streets so this year we're going after the guns. As many as we possibly can to avoid to avoid senseless murders. Kids finding old shotguns - sawing them off".

The program, which runs from Thursday 10pm to Saturday 12p, allows people in the Charlotte community and surrounding areas to exchange guns for gift cards. The cards can buy food, clothing or gas.

Pastor Kee says he has received a lot of phone calls. In 2011 more than 100 guns were turned in. The Pastor believes 2012 will top last year's numbers. "I think people are concerned and people are fed up and they're tired of taking that risk if you would."

The Church says the doors will remain open until the gun drive ends and security will be on site. At the end of the program, all guns will be turned over to CMPD.

Pastor says he especially wants to see assault weapons turned in.

"There's just no need for them. Are they on the streets? Yes sir. In a major way. They call them choppers and they're on the street. I'm going after them tonight. I'm specifically offering gift cards for them because there's just no need for that weapon I feel in the inner city".

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