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Gun sales up, personal protection classes packed


At a place known for selling firearms, the students who lost their lives Connecticut are being remembered.

At Nichols Store in Rock Hill, South Carolina, it's not just guns flying off the shelf, but customers are also some soul searching by signing up for personal safety courses.

Darren Nichols is the store's owner.

He said, "We've get numerous calls today about concealed weapons class. We do offer a couple a month."

Owning a firearm is one thing, but store owner Darren Nichols says knowledge encourages responsibility.

"We've had a lot of first time gun owners and elderly couples that come in and buy a firearm for the first time and just then just want proper training," Nichols said.

People aren't just coming to purchase a weapon, but another form of security is a big concern.

Gun safes are also being sold in big numbers. Nichols believes that buyers are dealing with common sense issues.

"It's gotta be proper fit, proper feel, what are you gonna use it for,"Nicha Is it gonna be bedside," Nichols ask?" Is it gonna be something you carry on your body for personal protection purposes."

The sheriff's office in Mecklenburg County and gun stores in Charlotte are being inundated with requests for personal safety classes.

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