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Federal appeals court sides with local college on controversial contraception requirement


A federal appeals court sided with Belmont Abbey College in its lawsuit challenging the requirement for employers to provide free contraceptives in their employee insurance plans.

Tuesday's ruling does not overturn the controversial contraception requirement, but it does order the Obama Administration to rewrite the language of the law to make exemptions so as not to harm the beliefs of religious beliefs of organizations like Belmont Abbey. The order requires the law be rewritten by March 31.

The President of Belmont Abbey College, Dr. Bill Thierfelder sent the following statement in response to Tuesday's ruling:

"Christmas came early this year! The D.C. Circuit Federal Court of Appeals' ruling is a major victory for Belmont Abbey College in its challenge to the HHS mandate. The two concessions made by the government lawyers in court to never enforce the current mandate against Belmont Abbey College and to publish a proposed new rule by the end of the first quarter in 2013, are the answers to our prayers. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has done an extraordinary job in defending us and I am most grateful for Kyle Duncan's masterful presentation to the court".

Belmont Abbey is a Catholic, liberal arts college located in Gaston County, NC.

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