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Katie's Kidz delivers to Levine Children's Hospital


A special gift was delivered today to Levine Children's Hospital. Katie Greene, from Waxhaw, started Katies Kidz six years ago raising over $200 in gifts.

Today she walked in with over $16, 000 in gifts. The gifts range from IPods to makeup to DVD's. 

Greene says it started during a trip to Wal-Mart where she spotted a Care Bear.

"I just had this idea laid on my heart that I wanted to do this."

Since then, this is been a labor of love for Katie and her entire family. Today she honored her Grandfather who recently passed away.

"He loved Katie's Kids. He would always show up on unpacking day and would give money."

Katie says her grandfather would be proud of her today but it's really not about her.

"I do it because I like to help people and that's the way the world should be"

Every single kid at Levine will benefit from the gifts this fifth grader delivered today.

For more information about Katie's Kidz go to http://www.katieskidz.org/.

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