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Introducing children to music


Kids love music and sooner or later your child may ask for an instrument.

"I wanted to play the drum so bad but I didn't get to play the drum," said fourth grader Mikhail Baldwin. 

"So I devoted my time to the saxophone."

But is every child cut out for music? And what instrument should they choose?

"I firmly believe that any child can play an instrument we just have to find the right one for them," said Highland Mill Montessori music teacher Tanya Mays.

When children should start playing is also something to consider before buying your child an instrument.

"Band instruments around the age of nine and if we are looking at just instruments in general the younger ages can play piano, some string instruments violin, and guitar," said Mays.

The elementary school music teacher encourages parents to talk to their children about the instruments that appeal to them but don't spend too much in the beginning.

"Go with student model instruments or buy some at a garage sale," recommends Hays.

Once you have the instrument it's time to practice.

"You can go to music stores where they usually have professional teachers," says Hays. 

"The other place I send them to is UNCC." 

Most importantly says Mays don't burn your child out.

"They should enjoy playing an instrument so if they are not interested or they've gotten to a point where there no longer interested don't force it."

If your children are interested in playing instruments music teacher Tanya Hays recommends that practice at least 30 minutes a day 7 days a week. 

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