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Additional reviews and oversight of 2011 revaluation to cost $1.6m


Pearson's Appraisal Service -  the outside group hired to review the 2011 revaluations in Mecklenburg County - estimates additional work could cost the county more than a million dollars.

The previous Board of County Commissioners, during its last meeting, asked Pearson's to identify all other neighborhoods where there are or may be major issues of inequity. The County also wants Pearson's to evaluate the Tax Assessor's Office and recommend necessary changes. Pearson's has been asked to oversee actions taken to correct neighborhoods that have been identified as having major issues.

Pearson submitted the cost estimates to the Board of County Commission for a vote at tonight meeting.

WEB EXTRA: Breakdown of the cost estimate and scope of work

WBTV talked to some of the County Commissioners before the meeting about the cost estimates.

Commissioner Trevor Fuller says "I want some answers to some questions about why the cost are as they've been identified". Fuller says "I need to find out why they're proposing these amounts, what they expect to do for these amounts. And when I hear that I can make a judgement of it's too much or not enough".

Commissioner Bill James says "I think you're not going to solve revaluation with good intentions and pixie dust. I think it's going to take money", adding, "I want it done right. You're not going to get it done right by just talking about it. It's going to require an expenditure of money. It's a taxpayer problem and it's taxpayer money used to fixed it".

Commissioner Vilma Leake says "I'm concerned about the staff we have and how much we can rely on them versus Pearson's bringing in new people".

Commissioner Pat Cotham, Chair of the Board, says "we need to do what's right. We need to be transparent, and we need to have experts who will come in. They did a great job over the last few months and they're going to help us get on the right track so we don't ever have this problem again because we cannot repeat this problem again".

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