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Iraqi dogs find home with Army soldier


When Army 1st Lt. Robert Wade went to Iraq in 2011, he never imagined he'd end up falling in love.

The grueling shifts and miserable conditions during his patrols were nothing compared to the tragedy he faced during his tour. It's not the place you expect to lose your heart.

Especially not to two wild dogs who he found wandering around the camp.

Mama and Sadie he named them. At first, neither would come anywhere near him.

Slowly but surely he lured them with food and the dogs turned into faithful companions.

"I would cut water bottles open and give them water and any scraps of food I had," said Wade.

They turned into friends he could talk to.

They listened on one of the most tragic days.

July 15th, 2011 Specialist Daniel Lucas Elliott was killed by a roadside bomb.

Wade says his "girls" brought him comfort. He couldn't imagine returning to the states and leaving his "girls" behind. 

"I wasn't going to let that happen, we did whatever we could and whatever we had to do," said Wade.

With help from Operation Baghdad Pups and the Cabarrus Spay and Neuter Clinic, who agreed to fix the dogs for free, Mama and Sadie now live with Wade at his home in Cornelius.

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"The happiness they've brought me, you know I can't replace that," said Wade as he's gently pawed by Sadie while playing in their backyard. She can't keep her paws off him, and he can't keep his hands off them.

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