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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Merry Christmas

AL CONKLIN:  Season's Greetings from WBTV's Editorial Staff.

TOM BROCK:  We're the team here at the station who discusses ideas and then writes the SpeakOut commentaries you see on our air.

KATHY ALKIRE:  We're a pretty diverse group, representing different departments and a variety of job responsibilities.

ASHLEY KERLEY:  Our charge is to give you our take on issues affecting Charlotte and its surrounding counties.

DEDRICK RUSSELL:  This sometimes means holding our leaders' feet to the fire, encouraging them to do better.

AL CONKLIN:  And we hope to challenge you, our viewers, to get involved in making a our city and region better places to live.

ALEXIS MITCHELL:  Our Board also tries to recognize those who have made positive, selfless efforts on behalf of our community.

ALEX HELMS:  We realize you may not always agree with us, but we really do want to hear what you think, both pro and con.

KEVIN RUSSELL:  Now this is one of our favorite "SpeakOuts" to deliver – and not just because our families can see us on camera.

KATE McKINNA:  It's our chance to wish you and your family all the joys of the Christmas season.

MELISSA HANKINS:  We hope you're surrounded by loved ones and can enjoy all the music, laughter, and friendship the holidays inspire.

JADA WELLMAN:  Most of all, we invite you to remember with us the Holy Child born on Christmas Day, Jesus Christ, and all that His life means for the world.

NICK SIMONETTE:  So, from each of us on the WBTV Editorial Board, and all members of the WBTV family, we wish you a very  "Merry and Blessed Christmas."


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