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Local Charlotte resident remembers childhood in Newtown, CT

With candles lit, over 50 Charlotteans joined with CMPD to remember the 26 victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.

The majority of the crowd had never even heard of Newtown before Friday's shooting, but WBTV found one man who knows Newtown all too well.

"We used to not lock our screen doors and leave them open all the time," Michael Bastos said.

Bastos, who now lives in Charlotte, spent a few years inside the classrooms of Sandy Hook Elementary as a little boy.

"I was also a member of the Sandy Hook Fire Department in my high school years. We'd be in class and our pagers would go off if there was a call. The worst we ever saw were accidents," he said.

As Bastos sat in silence during the vigil, thoughts of his childhood became crystal clear. He tells WBTV all he can do is stay strong for some of the families in Newtown he knows personally.

"Young kids; whole lives to live ahead of them. (They) never did a wrong thing, except love. For such a disturbed individual to do that is unfathomable," he said.

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