Couple celebrates 60 years of TV marriage

A Christmas romance

DALLAS, NC (WBTV) - It was December 25th, 1952. The music sounds like a symphonic version of a 1950's soap opera and the grainy film adds to the nostalgia.

Ted and Frances Goins have a converted film DVD of their Christmas Day wedding that they watch every Christmas.

In 1952, it was Frances who sent a letter to the CBS TV show, "Bride and Groom".

She was surprised to hear back but quite disappointed when show producers told her they could be married on Thanksgiving Day.

Ted, who was on the Lenoir-Rhyne football team was going to school on a scholarship and had a game that day. It would never work.

So the producers worked out a new plan that ended with the happy couple tying the knot in front of thousands of Americans on national television.

The happy couple is still happy and preparing for nothing terribly special on Christmas Day, except spending it with family and perhaps watching the old video again, as a reminder of their love and 60 years together.