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SwimMAC's next rising star: Kathleen Baker

Charlotte, NC - (WBTV)

Charlotte area swim club, SwimMAC, has produced many awards from the Olympic and on down to the junior level.

Last weekend the team won the winter Junior National Championships, they also won the summer title.

A name you'll likely hear more of in the near future, 15-year old Kathleen Baker. She won 4 gold's and was the highest point scorer at Junior Nationals, racing 20 times over a 3 day period. That is a goal Baker set, because she wanted to help her team win the Women's title, and they did. Baker was also part of the 4x50 freestyle relay that broke a national age-group record.

Despite all the recognition, Baker is most excited, about just being part of this team.

You can click on the attached video to hear from Baker and SwimMAC CEO David Marsh.

Baker: "it's great to have the whole team behind you, we took 22 people and that was way more than any team there and we had so many people come back for 2nd swims and we had so many people cheering. It was exciting"

Marsh: "really all you have to do, is open the doors of the pool and she starts working hard. In the Junior Nationals in a 3-day meet when you race 20 times, there is not a lot of recovery. It was a challenge, but from a coaching perspective I am not sure I'd have her do again. The fact that she did it successfully shows a lot about her toughness and willingness to stick to her goals"

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