Gastonia Grandma builds Lego wonderland

Crazy about LEGO toys

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - It was about a year ago, when JoAnn Mercer discovered the joy of Legos. The tiny plastic pieces that come in sets of thousands of painstaking steps.

"I was a gardener, I was a potter, I did a lot of different things, a lot of creative things," said Mercer of the hobbies that have taken up most of her creative energy throughout her life.

But now, Mercer's living room, dining room, and guest bedroom are like Lego wonderlands. She estimates she has at least 300,000 pieces of the plastic toy. Mercer is a member of a local Lego club where adult Lego enthusiasts share tips and show some of their work.

She says playing with the Lego pieces is therapeutic and a way to flex her creativity and imagination.