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Hunting with Smartphone apps

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With hunting season upon us, many hunters are turning to technology to help improve their outdoors experience.

"For a deer hunter one of the main things is making sure you are compliant with the regulations, " said gunsmith John Beall.

With hunting rules and regulations constantly changing, this year Beall will navigate the terrain with different apps and satellite maps on his Smartphone.

Reporter: "It tells you where you've walked and where you've been."

"That would be good especially for hunters that have a lot of stands," said Beall.

Many other hunters will follow suit.

A growing number of states and private companies are releasing Smartphone apps for hunters to use in the field.

"There's so much you have to worry about and there's so many things that you can do wrong that you can get in trouble for," said Beall.

The apps provide information to determine when it's legal to shoot.

"It would make it a lot easier for someone to hunt responsibly," added Beall.

It also allows hunters to view regulations, download maps and apply for a hunting license.

"Game wardens are all over the place even though you don't think they are," said Beall.

Beall, a salesman at Eagle Gun Range in Concord says Smartphone's are useful to hunters in ways far beyond navigation.

"The weather the moon and the sun cycles they affect the movement of a lot of animals."

But don't expect see every hunter toting his cell phone on the field.

"There are two kinds of hunters," said Beall.

"There's minimalist and then there are the guys who want the latest and greatest and they got to have it."

But remember cell phone batteries do die and trees tend to run together after a while.

So have a backup plan.

Carry a compass and maps with you.

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