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Police search for connection in Plaza-Midwood burglaries

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police believe that a string of break-ins that happened in the Plaza Midwood community over the last few days may be related.

Shops and restaurants in that neighborhood along Central Avenue provide the appearance of a popular streetscape, but on some of the side streets residents like Jennifer Jordan are asking a very troubling question.

"How could anyone not feel violated knowing that a stranger had been in their home ?"

Jordan called police Monday Night after her home was burglarized.

Not long after the crime, word went out through her neighborhood association on facebook.

CMPD Sergeant Phil Cardaci is assigned to the Eastway Division, which patrols Plaza Midwood.

He's grateful that neighbors are proactive.

"The technology really helps. The social networking," Cardaci said."Us having all the different social network ways to communicate. It helps everybody."

Help came to Jennifer Jordan.

She eventually got a big assist from one of the items stolen from her home.

"The police were able to get some information, from the retrieval of my laptop. I had a G-P-S tracking device. I was able to locate pinpoint the exact location and they were able to get it, she said."

For many in this neighborhood, it is a wake up call, and now Jennifer Jordan is reconsidering ways of making her place safer.

"I've got an alarm system, but it's not functioning I will be reactivating that."

No one has been arrested, but with the recovery of some items, police feel they are closer to solving the case.

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