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Man worried about children's safety after coyote spotted in neighborhood


A Charlotte man says he's worried about the neighborhood children, after he spotted a coyote in his backyard and no one is willing to come remove it.

The coyote was spotted in the Coulwood community on Monday afternoon and people say the animal is acting strange, and it doesn't seem to be afraid of humans.

Larry Thacker's backyard offered a resting place for an animal that's now calling the Charlotte city limits home.

"I came out and he was in this corner back here,"Thacker said.

He noticed the animal from a bedroom window, while on the phone.

"It was laying at the edge of the building between that and the crepe myrtle at the back and was curled on under the ground," he told WBTV.

He has saved the images of the visiting coyote on his computer. Larry dialed 911 and got an animal control officer on the case.

"This was an hour later and it was still laying there," he said. "He went around the house and it went over the edge of the hill, and he saw it go into what he thought was a den."

The coyote darted away, and the den is believed to be in the woods that runs along his property line, but upon further examination of the photos, Thacker has another worry.

"[The coyote] is missing fur, and its face is raw," he said. "And it has got some raw spots on it's body from the pictures that I took."

While he expresses health concerns, Thacker is also thinking about neighborhood safety.

"There's a school just up the road," he said. "I'm afraid for the children up there, especially in the morning catching the bus and when my kids are here, they're gonna be outside now I have to be outside and watch every movement they make."

WBTV contacted Wildlife officials and they confirmed for us officers do not trap or remove coyotes.

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