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Woman brings "Sunshine Boxes" to cancer patients


The eyes in the room light up when they see Sharon Grammer walk into the Presbyterian Hospital Cancer Center's Oncology Infusion Center. That's a fancy way to describe a room where people go to get chemotherapy treatments. Sometimes those are the most unpleasant and terrifying moments of cancer.

Sharon aims to eradicate the fear with Sunshine Boxes full of gifts that chemo patients might find useful on their journey.

Her group, Fighting Cancer Inc. collects donations of blankets, toiletries, socks, and items that might bring a little comfort to an unpleasant time.

"As far as I know we have never missed a single cancer patient here," Sharon says of her mission that started in 2009, after her own battle with cancer ended. Through her network of volunteers, the group has delivered 577 Sunshine Boxes to chemo patients on their first day of treatment.

Sharon has a rare cancer she says is considered chronic. Doctors say her chances of it recurring are 85%. The odds can't get her down though, because her deliveries often bring sunshine into her day too.

"Seeing how good it makes people feel. I always leave here, no matter how bad my day has been I always leave here smiling."

If you're interested in donating money or items to Sharon's group, you can check out their website at www.fightingcancerinc.org

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