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Missing woman's family pleads for help with funeral arrangements

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The family of Liz Stonger is still reeling from her disappearance and death.

Liz's car was discovered down a steep embankment Monday morning. An autopsy confirmed it was Liz's body in the wrecked car. Click here to read more.

Friday, WBTV talked to Liz's sister Amy, who is now taking care of her sister's three-year-old.

Amy says Liz's body is ready to be released, but the family doesn't have the money for funeral arrangements.

"We haven't planned anything. I guess we didn't think that the body was gonna be released...I'm like in shock really...it just feels funny…it's hard to deal," Amy told WBTV by phone Friday.

Amy continued, "I don't want to leave it to my mom, because my heart breaks for her every day. I have children of my own, and I can only imagine the pain that she feels and she thinks she has to be strong for all of us...I feel horrible for my mother. And then this happens and she feels worthless and she's like ‘I can't even pay for my daughter', (voice breaks) ya know?"

With Liz's son, Amy is now raising five children. Her mom is trying to save her home from foreclosure, her younger brother is a college student with a child of his own, and her younger sister is also in college. Amy says Liz didn't leave behind any financial resources.

Amy says the family is interested in cremation, but the estimate the family received shows the cost is $3,000. To also have a viewing or any type of memorial, the cost would increase.

The Stonger family set up an account for donations to help with the funeral arrangements. So far, there have not been any donations. Amy says the family is not affiliated with any church that could help.

Amy said there is some relief that Liz's body was found, but it doesn't answer all of the questions.

"Don't get me wrong – I do have some relief that her body has been found…But…all these new questions: What was she doing? Why was she there? What happened? I probably will never know all of the answers, really."

The investigation is ongoing.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Wells Fargo branch in Belmont and request to make a deposit to the Elizabeth Stonger Memorial Fund.

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