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Tipping tips for the holidays


The holiday season is the season of giving!

And it's also the season of tipping!

Reporter: Do you think people are generous?

"I think most of our loyal customers are especially if you give them a big smile like I have," Courtney Hill a waitress at Showmar's.

"It's just like a pleasant surprise when we find our client or our customers doing something special for us," said Verbena Wilson the owner of Verve Beauty Spa and Salon.

But how much should you give to whom, especially when it comes to thanking those who make our lives easier all year round.

Here is the top list from Reuters with suggestions:

*If you have a housekeeper, tip the cost of one visit.

* Your stylist makes you look good and your tip should reflect it.

*Since government employees are not allowed to accept cash, consider giving your mail carrier a gift card.

*Reuters also recommends tipping waiters 15 to 20% of the check for good service.

"Of course I think it's our responsibility if we are generous with others they are generous to us," said hair stylist Darryl Hare.

The tipping also comes in different ways.

"Sometimes clients will give us gift cards, or nice little candles or just little nice trinket gifts," said Wilson.

And remember, if you're not in a position to tip everyone on your list a simple but sincere thank you note is always appreciated.

To avoid getting caught empty-handed if you forget someone that provides great service to you year-round, I like to keep some small, wrapped items at home.

Cookies, candles, bottles of wine, all work great in a pinch.

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