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Charlotte TSA seized dozens of weapons, what you need to know


How many guns do you think TSA agents have seized so far this year at Charlotte Douglas airport? You may be surprised. But they have a new tool to keep you safe.

Spokesperson Jon Allen told WBTV, "It happens more than you think it would. It certainly happens more than we want it to."

On a typical day, they confiscate three to four firearms nationwide. So far as Charlotte's airport this year, TSA has seized 16 guns.

That's one more than last year and we still have a few weeks left in 2012.

But it's not just guns. WBTV was given access to all the prohibited items taken from passengers over the past several weeks and our cameras saw everything from machetes, to a dummy grenade to a baseball bat.

Allen says whatever excuses passengers offer when caught just don't cut it.

"We do hear people frequently say they forgot that it was in a particular bag," he said. "Or I picked up the wrong bag.

Madinah Allen flies at least once a week for business. She's glad TSA is catching this before people get on a plane.

"Look to my neighbor to my left and my right when I'm flying on a plane and know that they've been checkout out," she said. "So yes, definitely gives me a sense of security."

Allen also told WBTV they're more concerned this time of year because there are more casual fliers -- folks who only fly once or twice a year.

That's why he recommends downloading their My TSA app so you know the dos and don'ts before you leave home.

Bottom line? If it's in your bag -- it's on you and nobody else.

"If you're attempting to bring a bag onto an airplane and get through security checkpoint, you're responsible for what's in that bag," he said.

You can download that app on your Iphone or Android.

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