Customers say mechanic took money without doing repairs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sandy Karges says her daughter bought new wheels from Moses Telford.

"We went ahead and paid him 12-hundred dollars cash," Karges said. She says they befriended him when he became a regular at their family owned restaurant.

Jacob Henderson says he paid Telford to fix two vans for his non-profit program that helps kids transition to college.

"It's right around about 12-hundred," Henderson said of the money he says he paid Moses Telford for the repairs. At the time, the low cost labor seemed like a deal.

Both people now say Telford took their money up front, and vanished.  "I sounds like this is his career this is what he does, I don't understand why he's not locked up for doing this to all these people," Karges said.

Telford has been arrested multiple times on the same types of accusations. Most recently in South Carolina in June of this year. According to those arrest warrants issued by the Richland County Sheriff's Department , he took money from customers to perform work on their cars, but never did the work, the warrants say. According to his criminal record, since 1998,  he's been arrested and charged 5 times with Breach of Trust, at least 2 times he's been convicted.

"It's upsetting, but it's also upsetting that he's still out able to do this type of stuff to people," said Henderson.

Karges and Henderson say they've tried multiple times to call Telford but got no reply. I tried several different phone numbers, but came up with nothing.

Police are looking for Telford. He has 4 outstanding bench warrants in Richland County. He had a court date set for this past August, but didn't show up.

If you have any information on Telford's whereabouts, call police.

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