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Is it rare to see hurricanes in December?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Hurricane season has officially ended for the year, but it's not impossible for storms to develop outside of the June 1 through November 30 window.  

While out-of-season storms are more common at the front end in May (we saw two just this year), December storms are not unheard of and tropical systems have developed in every month on the calendar.  Tropical Storm Olga developed in 2007 near the Greater Antilles on December 11th of that year.  The remnants eventually moved over Florida, bringing up to 7 inches of rain to portions of the Sunshine state.  Though it never reached hurricane strength, it caused over $45 million in damage and killed 40 people.

In 2003, two storms developed in December.  Tropical Storm Odette caused heavy damage in the Caribbean, particularly the Dominican Republic.  Odette was immediately followed by Peter which nearly attained hurricane strength on December 9, but remained over open ocean waters.

Several storms tie for the strongest December storm with 80 mph winds- most recently Hurricane Lili in 1984.

The Atlantic is quiet for now, but in the Pacific Typhoon Bopha has killed over 300 in the Philippines.

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