See, Click, Fix: Arrows getting changed at "confusing" intersection

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This is the intersection of Camp Greene Street and Freedom Drive in Charlotte. We're focusing on the southbound lanes on Camp Greene.

Joyce writes to See, Click, Fix, "The through lane was changed to a right (turn) lane and the left turn lane was changed to a through/left turn lane."

Doesn't sound like a big deal but this viewer claims drivers aren't adjusting to the change, and it's going to cause an accident.

We saw evidence of that for ourselves.

Remember this viewer says before the two lanes consisted of a left turn only arrow in the left lane and right turn/straight arrow in the right lane.

Now traffic going straight stays in the left lane. And the right lane is a right turn only.

We spotted a dark green VW that didn't want to wait for the left turn traffic in order to go straight. It veered into the right lane to go by.

We also saw a dark brown car going straight from the right turn only lane. Then a tan car that wants to go straight nearly hits an oncoming car in the right lane in the process.

Joyce sums it up by saying, "We want our left turn lane back and want to go straight from the right lane just like it was for many, many years.... HELP!"

Help is on the way.

After asking Charlotte DOT to look into it they said changes are being scheduled for this intersection.

The left lane will be changed to a left turn only. The other lane will be a right turn/straight through lane.

Once work orders are written, CDOT will have a better idea on when it will be done. Until then abide by those arrows to avoid an accident!

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