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Rains cause delays of road openings in North Meck.


Wednesday's rain delayed the opening of several in Northern Mecklenburg County.

Intersections along Eastfield Road and several other new roads in north Charlotte were supposed to open, but that's been temporarily put on hold.

Exit 23-C along I-485 is the final stop for those live and work in the Northern End of the county.

While delays in opening new thoroughfares on this day are a given, drivers here are finding a silver lining through the gray skies.

One driver we caught up with understands the need for development.

She said," I think it's good for Charlotte. It's awesome for Charlotte that we're growing and expanding."

Expansion of a new highway in this case validates an old saying.

Build it and they will come.

Case in point the intersection at 115 where the road currently ends is now home to a new Rick Hendrick dealership, and a shopping development that's bringing new jobs .

Those roads are expected to open on Friday.

For Cullen Spivey who runs the Eastfield Bar and Grill, the 485 outer belt , the interchanges and nearby new roads are drivers for businesses at the Eastfield Village .

"Build it and they will come for sure, "he said. "Anytime you have new roads and a big highway like 485. The development is definitely around the corner."

Business operators have been anticipating of what's being seen as an example of trickle down economics.

A drawing card for nearby businesses and residents is that developers on this side of town may be looking at a complex similar to Birkdale Village, but for motorists it's just one thing at a time.

For now, they're saying just finish the highway projects.

Another driver told WBTV, "It's pretty bad. Traffic is pretty backed up."

The opening of those roads have been delayed until Friday.

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