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Big Brothers, Big Sisters seeking more volunteers


When the bell rings at Zion Broome's school it's a sign that it's time to meet up with his big brother.

"You see he's a little shy so we have to work on that," said "Big Brother" Marcus Tillman.

This is big brother pairing going on 11 months.  

"The Big" Marcus Tillman and "The Little, Zion.

This wasn't a scheduled meeting. They were just there to talk to me about how they came together.

"Zion told my wife man I wish I had a big brother one day," said Marcus. 

"I called into the match support individuals they said and we can make it happen."

When you talk to Marcus he will tell you making 9 -year-old Zion a part of his life was absolutely worth it.

"Big Brothers Big Sisters is that one to one," said Marcus. 

"It's not a one to many, so you build that personal relationship with the person."

It's a reward Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte wants more people to experience.

So they are asking for help to sign up to volunteer.

"You see matches that may have been matched up when they were in second and third grade through graduation of high school."

Marcus will tell you the reality of the situation is there are many young people who need role models.

"At the end of the day is one having the heart to do it," added Marcus.

It really doesn't take that much time, a one year commitment and twice a month visits. 

And Zion and Marcus will tell you it comes with benefits.

"A lot of times it can be anything from going to the library we been to different sporting events," said Marcus.

But the reward is so much more.

For more information about volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte, call 704-910-1301 or visit www.bbbscharlotte.org.

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