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More undocumented children applying for deferred action


For some undocumented children in the area, coming forward right before a presidential election seemed risky.

But with President Obama's reelection more undocumented youths are taking a chance and applying for deferred deportation.

"I'm hoping I could have a work permit and a driver's license," said Estefania Arrazola. "That way I can start working to pay for my college."

Estafania is at a transitional point in her life but for now her plans are on hold.

"Right now I can't go to college because I don't have money and it's really hard for someone to hire an undocumented person," said Estefania.

She was brought to the US illegally when she was a child.

Estefania has lived her whole life in fear of being sent back to a country she doesn't know.

The 19-year-old is hopeful that President Obama might be her chance to enroll in college and the workforce as documented person.

"We were ten percent of the voting population so I feel like the Hispanic or Latino community is saying we voted for you hoping you that you were going to help us," said Estefania.

She along with more than 100,000 youths applied for deferred action early November.

"We have seen an increase in people with interest to want to find out about deferred action," said Armando Bellmas with Latin American Coalition.

She is one of millions who are admitting they are undocumented as part as a larger step to full citizenship.

"If somebody could work, they can help pay for college and become a contributing member of society," said Bellmas.

But not everyone agrees with the program.

Several lawmakers say that because the majority eligible for the work permits do not have a college degree, the legal status of undocumented youth will have little impact on tax revenue.

Lawmakers also said that the work permits for deferred workers will make it harder for American citizens who don't have a college degree to compete for jobs, a group that already faces a high unemployment rate.

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