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70 degrees in December? How are some businesses faring?

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The calendar may say December but it feels more like April outside. Could the unseasonably warm temperatures negatively impact businesses?

The Simpson family Christmas tree lot near Uptown was buzzing with business despite the balmy, spring-like weather Monday.

"Makes me feel like I'm in Florida somewhere," said Mariam Bryant, who was looking for the perfect tree.

She didn't mind the warm weather. In fact, Bryant said it put her into the holiday spirit even more.

"Once it gets cold or its raining, it's makes it a little bit difficult so this weather helps a lot," she said.

Norman Simpson, whose family owns the tree lot, agreed.

"I mean it is a little too hot but it may affect it a little bit but not much," he said.

On the other hand, the first few days of December are their busiest days so he's thankful for the mild temps.

But Simpson said the warm weather will make one thing more difficult this holiday season: making your tree has enough water.  

"We're cutting them fresh everyday but I mean we haven't had rain in the mountains in two weeks, so they're thirsty," he said. "Keep the water in there on them, it will really help."

Over at Mr. K's ice cream shop and diner in South End, George Dizes says they've seen a bump in business thanks to Mother Nature.

"Yeah, it's given a boost," he said. "Not a big, big, boost but just enough to notice a difference."

The difference being more folks asking for ice cream and milkshakes -- yes, even in December.

"People don't like to go out in the colder weather and now that it's warmed up, they're coming back out," said Dizes. 

Back at the tree lot, Bryant's tree was loaded up and ready to go but she hopes the warm weather sticks around.

"If we could get this weather all the way up until the 25, that would be great," she said.

That's not likely as highs will only be in the 50s by Thursday.

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