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Tree Lighting Remembers Victims of Domestic Violence

Names and towns from across North Carolina are on practically every branch of the Christmas Trees in the lobby of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

The listed individuals all share one thing in common, because they lost their lives to domestic violence.

It was part of the 8th Annual Domestic Violence Memorial Tree ceremony in Uptown Charlotte.

The tree lighting event commemorated 53 lives lost to domestic violence this year in North Carolina.

Judy Williams of Mothers of Murdered Offspring is at a loss for the why, and these days she's distributing a key chain with the face of Jamie Kimble who was the victim of a murder suicide this past summer.

 "When it get to a point where you can't work it out. It's time to separate not kill each other," Williams wonders. "Why is it people get at each other at a time when we should be so joyous?

The violence that stunned the Kansas City Chiefs over the weekend has turned the sports world on its ear.

Former Panther Frank Garcia remembers the drama connected to Rae Carruth case.

"Having to deal with the lawyers, the police officers, the investigators, and the detectives that would come in and you could see them pulling guys out," he said.

Garcia who is the midday host at 610 The Fan feels the challenge is finding lessons to learn through the senseless acts.

 "It's makes you realize that not always is the football game is the most important thing in life, but life is valuable."

Meanwhile, a new 80 bed shelter will be opened in coming weeks to assist women who are victims and have no one where else to turn.

Judy Williams is asking this question.

 " When it comes to a love relationship. It's like why not move on. Why does that person have to die?

The trees will be on display until the end of the year.


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