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Students accused of vandalizing Milford High School

MIlford High School from Wiki Commons MIlford High School from Wiki Commons

Six juveniles have been charged in crimes against property at Milford High School.

Sometime during the night on November 10, 20 and 22, six Milford School District students came onto the closed high school and junior high school campuses.

Miami Township police say the students broke into the football field's concession stand and press box, while others stole items from and caused damage to parked cars.  The students also ignited fires and broke the window out of a high school classroom and a school-owned maintenance truck.

The vandalism is expected to cost several thousand dollars to repair.

Miami Township Police, in cooperation with high school principal Mark Lutz, began an investigation and were able to reveal the identity of many of the students involved.

All told, eight felony and 15 misdemeanor criminal charges were filed with the Clermont County Juvenile Court. 

Charges filed include Breaking and Entering, Vandalism, Theft, Criminal Damaging, Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief.

"It is unfortunate that these students chose to vandalize the school campus," said Principal Lutz. "The crimes committed were senseless. During our interviews, none of the perpetrators mentioned any ill will toward the school, it seems that they felt like it was just something to do."

A trial date has yet to be established.

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