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Jackpot winner comes forward

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom. 

Tonight at 5:00PM—one of the big Powerball Jackpot winners has come forward.  Now we know who gets a check for $192 Million subject to federal and state taxes.  We're still waiting to hear about the other winner who bought a ticket in Arizona.  There is video of a man who walked into a convenience store in Maryland claiming he was the big winner, showing his ticket to other patrons.  His problem is he'll have to go back to Arizona to claim his jackpot. 

The President continued his campaign putting public pressure on House Republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff by doing it his way.  He'd like to solve the problem of the Bush-era tax cuts expiring by taxing the rich, but he wants to kick the can down the road on spending cuts to entitlements. Republicans say, no way, and are arguing for a grand bargain to include solving the debt ceiling, which is another important issue facing lawmakers in March. 

A warning tonight from AAA about a new type of gasoline you may see soon.  The E-15 gas, which contains 15% ethanol, is only good for about 5% of the cars on the road.   

Tonight is the night Christmas Town USA lights the lights.  We'll be live in McAdenville when they flip the big switch in this annual event. 

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