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Marriage drives women to drink, study says


Candler Tindle loves to meet up with her friends at least once a month for a girl's night.

"I love it because I have three boys at home so it's nice to get away to come out for girls night or just have a release," said Tindle. 

The getaway is a way for these moms and wives to relax but what is a girls' night without cocktails.

"We can all socialize while we're drinking and doing something productive," said Tindle.

Tindle says after tying the Knot and having children, the stresses of life can be hard to dismiss.

So she and her gal pals meet at places like Painting with A Twist where BYOW is always welcomed.

"We just like to have a really good time," said Tara Fitzgerald owner of Painting with a Twist in Charlotte.

"We have a couple classes a week where we have an instructor that teaches you how to paint but you can bring your wine your girlfriends and just have a fun night out."

New research by the American Sociological Association shows married women are drinking  more than single or divorced women.

"I think they get to come in here and just really escape," said Fitzgerald. 

For two hours the ladies paint, drink, laugh and are able to focus on something else besides housework.

The research also says that while marriage might drive a woman to drink, it's not necessarily because she's unhappy.

The study shows that married women start to drink more after they get married because they are influenced by their husbands who drink more than they do.

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