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The Importance of the Flu Shot

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Reaction to the three recent deaths associated to the flu - two adults from North Carolina and one child from South Carolina. Experts hope this will serve as a reminder to how important getting the vaccine is. We are told the two adults did not receive a shot.

Many are concerned since these deaths are happening months before the flu season kicks in, is this a sign of things to come? Mecklenburg County Health Director Dr. Stephen Keener says not necessarily.

"We do see occasionally little bumps of activity," Keener said. "And that happens."

Keener says the shot is the most safest and effective way to help fight the flu.

"There's never 100% guarantee," Keener said. "But one thing is for sure, if you don't get it - you will not be protected. 100% sure."

The doctor not getting the shot could kill you.  He also says with holiday season in gear, people should prepare to get vaccinated.

"Lots of travel," Keener said. "Lots of being cooped up on airplanes and automobiles, and people are moving around. So this is a great time to protect yourself against influenza."

People say they are up on their shots. They think it is important.

"Prevent us from getting the flu," Flu shot recipient Dorothy Cousar said. "If we do get it - it's not as bad."

"Lot of flu going around," Flu shot recipient Tony Radcliff said. "And I want to be safe.I lived this many years.  I'm 73 years old, so I want to live a little while longer."

While others see the importance of getting the shot, some don't see the need.

"I would see if you are younger getting a flu shot," Butch Nawrocki said. "And then you start getting older and getting them every year. I never had it, so why should I change it."

Experts says people older than six months old should get the shot.

About 25,000 people die each year in the US from the flu.

In North Carolina only about 46% of people get vaccinated.

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