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Third firefighter fired; Salisbury Mayor speaks about sexual misconduct investigation


Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson spoke to WBTV on Thursday on the sexual misconduct investigation that has resulted in two firefighters being terminated and two more being demoted and suspended.

Click here to read about the personnel decisions announced Wednesday.

The latest termination, that of firefighter Jeremy Carter who had been demoted and suspended, was announced just before 6 pm Thursday night by a City of Salisbury spokesperson.

The letter issued to Carter stated the following reasons:

  • Misconduct: Sexually Activity
    "Employee received inappropriate picture and failed to report the activity of sharing the inappropriate photo at work. Employee sent inappropriate photo"
  • Misconduct and Insubordination: Truthfulness
    "Employee failed to divulge photo activity during an investigation"
  • Sexual Harassment: Reporting Procedures
    "All employees are prohibited from any conduct that is sexually harassing or which may cause an offensive work environment. Employee failed to report potential inappropriate activity that could have resulted in a sexual harassment claim"

"I'm very proud, proud of our city staff, our new City Manager Doug Paris, they handled it quickly, professionally, they wasted no time," Woodson said.   "Our chief, Bob Parnell, did what he needed to do quickly.  It's done, it's over with.  We hope to set an example for the future and show we're just not going to tolerate this kind of activity in our city."

Tim Grisham and Chet Hedrick, both were fired for engaging in sexual activity at work and lying to the chief.  Hedrick was also accused of receiving and sharing inappropriate pictures.

Firefighter Jeremy Carter was demoted and would have been suspended for sharing an inappropriate picture at work and not reporting sexual harassment, but on Thursday Carter was terminated.  The City cited new information that came forward during the investigation. Firefighter Shawn McBride demoted for failing to report sexual harassment. McBride is still the chief of the East Spencer Volunteer Fire Department.

Woodson believes the situation has been contained.

"We have confidence in our chief," Woodson added.  "Bob Parnell is a good chief, we have confidence in him, we know he's going to do the right thing, we know he's going to get a handle on this and we have full confidence in him. He's got some work to do but we know he'll do it, we know he'll handle it."

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