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Drought situation worsening in the Carolinas


Nearly three months have gone by without a good soaking rain.  The last time Charlotte saw at least an inch of rain in 24 hours was in early September.

Now, the drought situation in the Carolinas is becoming more apparent.  All across the western Carolinas, dry conditions prevail, and in much of South Carolina, Severe Drought conditions are already in place.  The Severe Drought extends as far north as Chester county. 

As we head into the winter months, chances of seeing systems that bring lots of precipitation decrease.  Colder air means there is less moisture in the atmosphere, and that cuts down on chances for shower and thunderstorm development. 

Looking ahead in our forecast, there is a chance for rain early next week, but it's unlikely to be a soaker that would put a noticeable dent in our nearly nine inch rainfall deficit for the year. 

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