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Search for missing local mom leads police to rock quarry

Good afternoon, Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom.  Busy day in the news business.

The search for a missing woman Concord mother leads investigators to a local rock quarry. We're getting reaction from Crystal Morrison's family at 5:00pm.

They didn't win the big jackpot, but two tickets worth millions were sold in our area.  Who are the lucky winners?  We'll tell you at five.

The holiday season means desperate people doing desperate things! Paul Cameron has pictures from two crimes committed by the same guy in his Crimestoppers report.  If you help solve the case you could get a reward!  

And you thought it was your bills causing you stress?  Researchers now say Facebook is putting just as much pressure on people and causing real problems.  How to spot trouble and stop it!

And we've been warming up all week, how will your weekend look?  We'll have the First Alert Forecast for any weekend warriors with work to do.

Hope you'll join Paul, me and the entire WBTV news team for these stories and your best coverage of breaking news tonight at 5:00.

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