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Panthers want you to end coin toss losing streak

If you follow football, it is no surprise that the Carolina Panthers are among the six bottom teams in the National Football League with the rankings. In fact, there are only two teams in the league with worst records.

And the only thing worse than the Panthers loss record at the end of the game - is their loss record at the beginning.

We're talking about the coin flip.

The Carolina Panthers are an astonishing 0-for-12 on coin tosses this season, 11 game starts and one overtime toss.

So head coach Ron Rivera wants you - the fans - to pick heads or tails for Sunday's game at the Kansas City Chiefs.

You can vote how you want the Panthers to call the toss on Sunday by voting in a poll on their Facebook page.

So what's the lucky call - heads or tails?  Vote on the Panthers Facebook page and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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