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FBI Agents visit forensic class


Becoming an FBI agent takes more than good detective skills, students at Christ the King High School learned this week.

It also requires a four-year degree, being physically fit and paying attention to detail.

"Several hours of paperwork meticulously documenting what you just did," said FBI Special Agent David Yu.

Agents explained to students their work doesn't wrap up in 45 minutes either like it does on TV shows.

"Not everything is quick not everything is exciting," said Yu.

FBI agents spend at least two hours at the Mooresville School.

"We are hoping to give the students the opportunity to see what the FBI evidence response team does and learn some of the techniques that we use to identify and collect evidence," said Yu.

Ninth grader Megan Jackson invited the agents to speak at her campus.

"We have about five agents at four different stations and all the students in the school are learning so much about what I love to do," said Jackson.

She is the president and founder of her school's forensic club.

Jackson is passionate about the profession and wants her classmates to know what it takes to prepare for a career in the FBI.

"There's a lot of work that goes into what they do and I didn't realize that before but I think it's probably worth it in the end."

Tenth grader Alexandria Cedrone is also considering a job in the FBI and appreciates hearing the agents' insight into what it takes to fill their shoes.

"I really want to be a medical examiner because I want to answer those questions that people really don't get answered," said Cedrone.

"And I really love the FBI side of things because I like forensics fingerprints and finding evidence."

Special Agent David Yu warned students that if they want to be FBI agents, they need to have clean records.

Background checks, drug tests and polygraph tests are a prerequisite for employment in the FBI.

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