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Powerball Winners

Good morning to you on this Thursday, 29 November 2012, from the WBTV News morning team...John Carter reporting to you this morning...which means I did not win the $550 million Powerball lottery!  Two winning tickets were bought in Arizona and Missouri.  However, there are also big winners locally...a two million dollar winner in South Carolina...and a million dollar winner in North Carolina.  Cam Man Ron Lee joins us live this morning to tell us more...and we'll also show you the winning numbers.  Be sure to join us from 4:30 to 7:00 AM!

ALL NEW:  Deputies say two underage drinkers were involved in a crash in Gaston County. They say the car veered off Stanley-Lucia Road, went off a bridge and down a hill...we'll have more details and show you the crash site.

ALL NEW:  Astrid Martinez has an all new story for the morning show...as local high school students get a great lesson about television versus reality!  She tells us what the FBI showed students.

ALL NEW:  Christine Nelson has an all new See, Click, Fix story...she's taking a look at a rail road crossing that's been giving drivers fits...and needs a lot of work.

ALL NEW:  Lincolnton police have arrested 40 people involved in several drug cases.  The arrests are part of a sting called "Operation Early Christmas."

The family of Paula Broadwell is releasing new pictures, hoping to portray HER in a different light.   We'll show them to you.

Two companies that planned to build separate outlet malls in our area have decided to join forces...and just build one.  We'll tell you where that's going to happen.

Have you had your coffee yet this morning?  If not...would you pay $7 for a cup?  Starbucks has started brewing what it calls "geisha" coffee.  We'll tell you why it's so expensive...and where you can buy it.

We have terrific sports highlights this morning...the Charlotte Bobcats in Atlanta taking on the Hawks...and the makings of an upset as #4 Ohio State took on the #2 Duke Blue Devils.  Plus, the Atlanta Braves will announce a HUGE, multi-million dollar acquisition today!

All this and so much more...plus, follow us on Twitter and Facebook during the show for behind the scenes information and up to the second updates...when you join us for WBTV News This Morning, from 4:30 to 7:00 AM.  See you then!

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